The Real Estate Fund of the italian part of Switzerland

Residentia is a real estate fund investing in residential properties in the Cantons of Ticino and Graubünden. As emphasised in the introduction, Residentia is the first fund to introduce this type of investment possibility in the Italian part of Switzerland.

Residential properties in the Canton of Ticino have always been synonymous with relative stability and value over time. Residentia makes shrewd choices and concentrates its efforts on mid-range real estate, which offers the highest returns. Therefore, like all investments based on real estate, it is a relatively safe choice, has little correlation with the trends of the stock markets and has an attractive performance/risk ratio.

Residentia guarantees one further advantage: the solidity of investing in a healthy, industrious and productively active region and real estate thrives in this positive environment. Because, to proudly repeat it once again, this is the first fund created for this region.


Banca dello Stato del Cantone Ticino
Viale H. Guisan, 5
CH-6500 Bellinzona

Studio Fiduciario Pagani SA
Corso Pestalozzi 3
CH-6901 Lugano

FidFund Management SA
Route de Signy 35
CH-1260 Nyon

Cornèr Banca SA
Via Canova 16
CH-6900 Lugano