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As is well-known, the fundamental characteristic of this type of fund is the transformation of real estate investments into financial assets (the so-called units) which generate a profit. This is a huge advantage from the off-set compared to the direct purchase of a building: the management company is entirely responsible for the management of the premises, whereas a direct investment requires a considerable commitment on behalf of the owner to ensure that the properties remain profitable.

And that’s not all: the investor does not run the typical risks involved in direct management, such as, for example, the failure to collect rental payments, the management of relationships with each individual tenant or the management of possible maintenance work - in real estate funds these are the responsibility of the manager or of the companies specialising in this sector.

Investment in a real estate fund is particularly advantageous from a fiscal point of view because with this fund the individual is subject to neither asset nor income tax (with exception of income generated from any liquidity of the fund) and the investment has no impact on the investor’s own tax rates.

Finally, the individual wishing to disinvest their subscribed units does not have to look for a buyer to purchase them, nor pay commission for mediation or advertising. In fact, in addition to being able to redeem the shares, the custodian also guarantees the regular trading of the shares both in the stock market and over-the-counter.


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