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Sale property in Lamone

Residentia is proud to announce the conclusion of the sale of all the individual apartments in the building located in Via Carsiné in Lamone.

The project to dispose of the property, which was initiated at the beginning of January 2016 in the interest of financial optimisation and implemented via the sale of 12 apartments and 15 parking spaces, concluded as we expected, fully respecting the schedules and the budget forecast during the analysis phase. This data further demonstrates the in-depth knowledge possessed by our team of the local market and its current trends.

The transaction, which envisaged modernisation work aimed at the sale of the individual properties and carried out within the budget of CHF 400,000.00, generated a total gross profit of CHF 1.066 million – inclusive also of brokerage costs. This profit enabled the Residentia Fund to achieve more than 30% profitability on the inventory value of the property listed at CHF 3.5 million.

Residentia is always ready to grasp the opportunities offered by the market, during both the purchase and the selling phases, in the sole interest of its investors at all time.

Capital Increase

FidFund Management SA, with registered office in Nyon, as manager of the Residentia Fund, along with the fund promoters Banca dello Stato del Cantone Ticino and Studio Fiduciario Pagani SA, are pleased to announce that the capital increase that occurred on 14 June 2016 was as successful as had been hoped: 200,105 new units were paid up, amounting to approximately 22 million Swiss francs, thereby increasing net assets to more than 133 million Swiss francs.
There was a huge demand from both existing and new investors, which we were unfortunately unable to fully satisfy.
The proceeds of  this capital increase will enable us to further consolidate the fund’s development, to carry out planned projects and to increase the real estate assets of the fund invested in Ticino to approximately 163 million Swiss francs.
This success means that we can look to the future with added momentum, with a view to completing current projects and seeking new investment opportunities that always comply with our strict standards. The Residentia team would like to thank all the investors and partners that have contributed to this further development in the first and only fund dedicated the Italian part of Switzerland.

Capital increase 2016

The Residentia Team is pleased to announce its ambition to expand even further, thanks to its third increase in capital, amounting to CHF 22 million. Just a few months from its last capital increase in September 2015, the fund plans to grasp the opportunity offered by the market to purchase a large residential complex in the Bellinzona region. The subscription period will be from 2 to 13 June 2016. The custodian bank, Cornèr Bank, will increase the fund’s capital by issuing a maximum of 200,122 units. Five current units will grant the right to subscribe to one new unit.

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Purchase of property in Minusio

It is with great pleasure that Residentia announces the purchase of a new property. The purchase, which was made in March, is the former Hotel Alba Hotel in Minusio and includes a project to convert the hotel into 16 new apartments and to add two beautiful penthouses to be sold in the new viable plan.
The permit for the conversion and the raising of the building has already been issued and construction will begin this month in April 2016. The total cost for the entire transaction, including the purchase of the plot, is slightly below CHF 10 million and once the work is finished (expected to be at the end of 2016/beginning 2017), the property will have an estimated return of more than 5.6%, thanks to the sale of the penthouses and the commercial area already on the premises and rented out to Coop Pronto for the next 10 years.

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Purchase of property in Quartino

The Residentia Team is pleased to announce the purchase of a commercial property in Magadino-Quartino.
The property is a shopping centre strategically positioned along the main road of the Magadino plain. The building, thanks to its prime location and the layout of its indoor spaces, has a high number of tenants, thus diversifying its risk profile and guaranteeing high profitability. The property currently has a return of more than 8.20% and offers considerable revaluation potential.

The premises is in excellent condition and does not require any major work. It currently has a number of vacant commercial spaces, which, once rented out, will guarantee an additional income of approximately 10%.
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This new purchase represents the continuation of the implementation of the financial plan drawn up by Residentia during its recent capital increase. We hope to keep you updated on further important news as soon as possible.

Acquiring property in Lugano

Residentia is pleased to announce the purchase of a residential building. The property, which was built in the late 1970s and is composed of 35 apartments and 2 offices, is located in a pleasant residential area in Lugano. Close to the commercial district and to the main roads, it offers an interesting housing mix. The estate has a current rentability of more than 5.60% and a significant margin in terms of property revaluation.

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This purchase represents the fulfilment of the first in a series of projects planned during the recent capital increase. More news and confirmation will follow.


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