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Purchase of residential property in Bellinzona

The Residentia Team is pleased to announce the purchase of a large property in Ticino.

The property was built at the end of the 1960s and enjoys an enviable position in close proximity to the pedestrian area of Bellinzona. It offers 45 beautiful apartments that have been maintained in an excellent condition by the previous owner. The spacious apartments of varying sizes ensure that all the types of accommodation demanded by the market are offered, in addition to 19 internal and 15 external parking spaces, providing ample parking possibilities for residents.

The property currently generates a gross revenue of more than CHF 450,000, which compared to the outlay of slightly less than CHF 9.4 million for its purchase, guarantees an annual income of 4.8%. In addition to the excellent condition of the property and its superb location, the presence of a significant and unjustified vacancy rate will enable the generation of annual returns exceeding CHF 600,000 once the property is full.

With this acquisition, the Residentia Fund, completes its wealth optimisation programme, which during the course of the upcoming year should guarantee a perfect income balance.

10th anniversary Residentia

This summer, which marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission and the first man on the moon, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate ten years of a project that, although somewhat less ambitious, is equally as visionary and successful.

In June 2009, after years of work and preparation, we finally launched the Residentia Fund, the first and only real estate fund in the Italian-speaking area of Switzerland.

Following on from the financially turbulent, uncertain and troubled period of the 2008 financial crisis, we developed what is still the only dependable and nationally recognised financial tool for investing in Ticino’s real estate sector.
A vehicle that has always had strong ties to the local area, building firm foundations for long-lasting, prosperous development, which still looks to the future and the new challenges it holds for us.

Over the last ten years, Residentia has demonstrated great ability and forward-thinking in its actions, with both these qualities enabling it to grow on a constant and consistent basis. From an initial figure of 40 million CHF, the fund has pursued a course of expert and steady growth, so that it now manages a real estate portfolio worth more than 240 million CHF subdivided into twenty-two properties. However, this growth has taken place without overlooking fundamental principles such as the soundness of the selected properties, the high revenue generated by purchases, ongoing maintenance and investments in its assets, and care and respect for its tenants.

Thanks to our proven solidity and our partners who have always assisted and backed us, Residentia and its team are ready to take on the new decade that awaits us, confident that we will never be lacking in the commitment, enthusiasm and expertise that have enabled us to reach this goal: “one small step for mankind, one giant leap for Residentia!”

We’d like to thank you all for the belief you have always shown in us.

Purchase of properties in in Massagno - Rivera

The Residentia team is pleased to announce the purchase of two important properties in Ticino.

The first property occupies a strategic position in the municipality of Massagno, adjacent to the motorway junction, the railway station and the canton hospital, within an easy distance of the town centre. It comprises twenty-one residential apartments and five commercial premises on the ground floor. It also offers significant potential for further development. The property currently generates 410,000 CHF per year, with a potential yield of 5.40%.

The second property comprises two separate buildings in the centre of Rivera, facing the railway station and adjacent to the junction on the Lugano-Bellinzona motorway. One of the buildings is commercial, with a satellite Denner supermarket on the ground floor and offices on the upper floors, while the second building is residential, with six apartments spread over three raised floors. The property currently generates 450,000 CHF per year, but this figure is expected to rise thanks to the refurbishment works that will be carried out in partnership with Denner over the next few months and that should permit a yield of over 6%.

The purchase of both properties – Massagno and Rivera ‒ for 16 million CHF will enable the Residentia fund to increase its rental income to more than 850,000 CHF per year and to optimise the fund’s debt level.

A number of important purchases are planned for the coming months. Information will be provided as soon as they have been formalised.

Purchase of property in Melide

Residentia, the real estate fund investing in property in the Italian part of Switzerland, is pleased to announce the purchase of a new property in the Municipality of Melide, namely a property divided into two buildings, hosting a total of 9 apartments, 2 offices and 6 business units that benefit from a strategic position along the cantonal road towards Lugano, in the immediate vicinity of the motorway exits and the SBB railway station.
With regard to the condition of the two buildings, the first one was completely renovated in 2018, whereas the second one was built in the mid-1990s and designed by a well-known architect from Ticino.
The gross profitability of the new purchase will exceed 5.5% - given the excellent state of the property – meaning its net income will be significantly above average. For more information, please see the webpage

Purchase of property in Giubiasco - Sagittario District

In keeping with its strategic development and consolidation policy, the Residentia Fund is pleased to announce the purchase of a new property in the Sagittario District in Giubiasco, where it already owns a building with 25 units.
The new purchase will increase Residentia’s influence within the District, as well as its influence over the dynamics that govern the management of the latter. In fact, Residentia will become the second co-owner of the entire complex, meaning that the Fund will be able to make a greater impact on its management, optimising costs and benefits for residents and the general profitability of the two buildings.
The building, consisting of 20 residential units and 20 underground parking spaces, was bought for CHF 6.4 million and has a potential gross profitability of 5.40%. The building has also been divided into condominiums, offering the possibility of assessing its divestment into individual apartments in the future, which would guarantee considerable profits for the Fund through its resale.
Residentia remains active on the market, looking for properties that ensure its constant growth and performance in line with the properties currently in its portfolio. We are confident that it won’t be long until we are back to inform you of our involvement in new and important projects.

Purchase of property in Via Besso – Lugano

Thanks to the recent capital increase, Residentia is pleased to announce the purchase of an important historic-industrial building in the central area of Lugano.
The building, located in Besso and built at the end of the 19th century as a chocolate factory for the Tobler company, is architecturally unique in Lugano. It is, in fact, one the few urban industrial buildings that is still standing in our region with more than 3000m2 of commercial/workshop space. Its vicinity to the station and motorway access makes it a particularly interesting property. In view of its architectural qualities, the building is protected both historically and culturally. The Residentia Fund, fully grasping the unexpressed potential of the property, decided to purchase it for CHF 7.55 million with the aim of launching a renovation and enhancement project that will exploit it to the full in line with current standards. The work, which ought to start at the beginning of 2018, envisages an initial investment of approx. CHF 4 million to bring the building envelope and all the technical equipment up to standard. Subsequently, an assessment will be made of the personalisation of the spaces with the respective tenants in order to offer them the most appropriate solutions for the various purposes to which the building is suited. Once the work is complete the potential income of the building ought to stand at over CHF 600,000 per annum , thus guaranteeing  a profitability of approx. 5%.


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